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At Prime Matter Labs, our team of beauty experts formulates and creates products for sun, skin, hair, body or just about anything else, tailored precisely for you and your brand. 

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Our cloud-based production platform enables real-time collaboration with our team and visibility into every step of the process.

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Why We Stand Out

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We provide brand partners with a cloud-based platform that enables real-time tracking, feedback and communication with our team, helping to make the entire product development and production process more intuitive and efficient. Learn more.

Through regulation changes and formulation updates, we stay ahead of OTC approval timelines and get your product out there, faster.

We leverage 40 years of supplier relationships to ensure you're able to navigate any market disruption while maintaining industry leading pricing and turnaround.

We have the capacity and experience to adapt your unique formula for this specialized system.

It's not just lotions and cream— our team can deliver your brand's vision in almost any format.

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Ready to Launch?
So are we.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to switch production partners, we help you hit the ground running. We’re flexible, but we never compromise on the cutting-edge research, top-quality formulations, and smooth operations we’re valued for by our clients large and small.

(Though, they don’t stay small for long.)