History is important, but we’re not looking backward. Our experience enables us to move boldly forward.

A Simple Philosophy

Prime Matter Labs exists so that you and your business can excel. We started small and have been fortunate enough to grow through the success of our customers. As a team, we are driven by helping brand founders and builders shine. That, and by our constant passion for building better products.

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Constant Innovation, from Day One

For four decades we’ve been learning, doing, and honing our expertise. We want to share what we have learned with you. We don’t see challenges as obstacles, so we love the prospect of making something new happen. The confidence we’ve built through our experience empowers not only our team, but yours.

Our Start
Our four founders worked within walking distance of one another in Miami, FL — Mark and Mohamed were running an export business with their father, B.M. Barakat (c. 1926-2007), while Frank worked manufacturing hair care. A partnership was formed and we quickly started growing, capitalizing on an opportunity with a growing hair care brand.
Machines, Equipment, Expansion
As it quickly became clear that Prime Enterprises was here to stay, we needed to stock up on hardware to meet demand. A prodo-Pak form fill and seal machine that we bought in 1984 is still producing beautifully today (with a few upgrades).
A New Home
In 1991, after eight years of operating, we had completely outgrown our facility in Medley. Business was booming and we knew it was time to level-up. The 50k sq. ft. facility that we built near Miami Lakes, Florida seemed massive at the time, but we knew that we would fill it up quickly. This facility is still our headquarters today, and we don’t plan to move any time soon!
100 Strong
Given continued demand for our products and a newly minted deal with a global lifestyle brand looking for a partner for their full set of skin care products, we staffed up to over 100 people working at Prime, for the first time ever.
National Footprint
After more than a decade of helping brands grow and expand quickly, we became the go to manufacturer for some of the national players across the categories we had expertise in. As the 20th Century was coming to a close, we leapt into the new millennium by partnering with one of the leading sun care brands in the world and that relationship is even stronger today. We continue to push each other to bring the best products possible to market.
A Second Home
We couldn’t stay away from Medley for long, and after realizing we had the opportunity to expand our business into filling aerosols and bag-on valve products, we decided to build out our second dedicated facility, just steps from our original home.
World Class R&D Capabilities
Over the years, we’ve tackled some of the most challenging product development projects in the industry. Along the way, we built experience and a team that is second to none. At this point, our formulation, testing, and validation process had reached a level of efficiency and capability that put us well ahead of our peers.
Prime Matter Labs is Born
The manufacturing landscape has changed a lot since 1983, but our drive, innovation, and commitment to success sure haven’t. Amid the changing landscape, we decided it was time to showcase what we can do to an even larger audience with a new name and brand. One thing that is exactly the same is our commitment to our customers.
California Expansion
We expanded our operations nationwide by acquiring Cosmetic Development Laboratories (CDL) in Torrance, California. By extending our reach and capacity, we’re able to help more customers realize their goals, grow their businesses, and achieve success.

Our Leadership

We’re a team of chemists, business minds, and creative problem-solvers seeking to make a positive impact on your business and the world around us. We care about what we put out into the world, and we also care about each other. We are driven by our founders’ vision and the support of our next generation of leaders to be the most trusted product development and production partner for brands redefining the beauty and personal care industry.

Join Our Team

From day one, we’ve been committed to making Prime Matter Labs a place where people can be excited to show up to work each day. This means spending each day in a welcoming, inclusive environment. We consider ourselves a family, and believe in doing everything we can to help our employees lead healthy and full lives.

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