Prime Matter Labs Unveils Element, Its Proprietary Cloud-Based Product Development Platform


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Prime Matter Labs (PML), a leading contract manufacturer of beauty and personal care products, today announced the launch of its new customer-facing, proprietary, cloud-based platform, Element by Prime Matter Labs. Element is a fully integrated platform that leverages industry-leading technology and AI functionality to help make the entire product development and production process more intuitive and effective for customers. The platform is scalable, easy to use, and free to all PML customers.

Element is the first-of-its-kind software platform that acts as the backbone of a brand's product development and production process from concept to creation to completion in one centralized location. Element was designed to help provide customers with an unprecedented level of transparency, connection to their projects, and collaborative communication between their internal teams and their team at PML.

“In the past, the process of bringing a product to life was opaque, confusing, and disconnected between the customer and manufacturer. Element helps to solve these issues by bringing a new era of brand and manufacturer collaboration to the industry,” said Aaron Paas, CEO of Prime Matter Labs. “Element will help our partner brands condense timelines, reduce errors, and connect previously siloed processes seamlessly, efficiently and profitably.”

Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration

Element's user-centric platform provides customers the ability to access the platform anytime, anywhere, and track the development of their products in real time. Customers will eventually be able to perform all major tracking, approval, feedback, and communication tasks directly within Element, virtually eliminating major industry pain points that plague the manufacturer and brand relationship today.

Technology Forward Approach

Leveraging technology to drive the industry forward has been a core focus area of the company strategy since Monogram Capital Partners worked with Paas to complete the acquisition of the Prime Matter Labs business in early 2020. Early software tools developed by PML have focused on back-end solutions for internal teams to help streamline processes and development, including an intelligent formulation tool leveraged by all PML’s chemists to build better formulas for their customers. Element continues to build on PML’s commitment to innovation and was developed in-house at PML by its dedicated software engineering team. The platform features a best-in-class technology stack that connects Element directly to an industry-leading ERP, and user-friendly project management tool.

PML’s software engineers are using AI-powered development tools to help build and modify code efficiently to adapt to customer needs. The company has a robust roadmap for Element with a spotlight on new features, products, and solutions, including additional AI tools to help leverage proprietary data to create completely new solutions aimed at inspiring innovation, reducing costs, and accelerating the product development process.

“With the launch of Element, Prime Matter Labs is the first contract manufacturer to provide native technology capable of connecting high-growth brands directly to their product development and manufacturing process,” said Adam Price, VP of Software and Technology at Prime Matter Labs.

Element’s customer-facing platform will start rolling out in March 2024 with the most critical features for day-to-day collaboration internally and with PML, including:

Project dashboard: Track the status of a project as it moves through each phase of the development and production process

Project timelines: Establish and manage the timeline for the production process

Brief generator: Create and review project briefs with account managers

Sample Tracking: Track approvals for samples, purchase orders and bulk samples

Team management: Utilize the ability to have the full team collaborate in one place virtually

If you're a current Prime Matter Labs brand partner and have questions about how to get started, please reach out to your account representative. If you'd like to get started on bringing your idea to market, visit Create Your Product.

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