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Prime Matter Labs Innovation Chemist Jocelyn Yu was tasked with creating a series of products for the 2022 Hair Care Innovation Kit. Included in the kit is the Dry Shampoo Paste which focuses on delivering innovation through a format and texture that is not commonly seen in similar products currently on the market.

Trend Insights

Dry shampoos generally come in two formats: powder or aerosol. Developed in the 1970s, the popular, travel-friendly aerosol spray was an innovation on the powder format and allowed for more direct application to roots without the hassle of a messy loose powder. Dry shampoo grew in popularity as it became available across retail stores and the growth continued during the pandemic with consumers having less need to wash their hair daily. As consumers get back to their routines in the post-pandemic world, they still look to dry shampoo to help simplify and save time in their routines. The global dry shampoo market size is expected to reach $4.3 billion by 2023, rising at a market growth of 6.4% CAGR during the forecast period.

Additionally, multi-tasking or hybrid products have been a trend since the pandemic. Typically these multipurpose products are seen in skin care and makeup crossovers or with SPF protection, but with the rise of skin care ingredients in hair care, consumers are increasingly aware of how products and ingredients typically confined to one category have the potential to provide broader benefits.

Tapping into this concept, the dry shampoo paste can be positioned as a general skin mattifier that can control oil for both scalp and facial skin. The water-based formula also allows for the incorporation of biotech ingredients which could bring additional skin care benefits to the product.


Key Benefits and Ingredients

Whether it’s used as a dry shampoo or a facial skin mattifier, the soft and creamy paste’s key benefit is its ability to control oil without a gunky after feel. The alcohol-free product uses a trio of oil-absorbing powders (silica, tapioca starch and diatomaceous earth) that remove grease without leaving strands feeling gritty. Tapioca is coated in polymethylsilsesquioxane to create a soft touch-feel and provide a positive sensorial experience for consumers.

The paste is also a travel-friendly format that allows for precision in application. The product can be applied directly from fingertips to hair, scalp or face, allowing for direct application to roots to volumize hair or targeted application to oily t-zones to mattify facial skin.

To learn more about the product, please reach out to your Prime Matter Labs account manager.

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