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Here at Prime Matter Labs, we’re always looking to innovate and explore new ingredients and textures to create best-in-class formulations and products for our brand partners. Whether it’s staying on top of the latest trends with incoming Chief Science Officer Jen Hurtikant or experimenting in our lab with Innovation Chemist Jocelyn Yu, our team is always working to create impactful products that innovate the beauty and personal care industry. We want to share these innovations with you in our new series spotlighting some of the exciting new products created in the Prime Matter Labs Innovation Lab.

Feeling Good Body Oil

Our Feeling Good Body Oil is a dry body oil in a jelly-like format that features cannabis stem cell as its key ingredient. The cannabis sativa plant stem cells are THC and CBD-free and work synergistically with the skin microbiome to activate brain pleasure areas that results in feeling good, while also boosting skin radiance.

Trend Insights

With Cannabidiol (CBD) products now in endcaps in Sephora and the wave of state legalizations across the country, cannabis, in all its forms, is well on its way to going mainstream, and its many benefits are of particular interest to the beauty industry where brands are always looking to innovate with effective ingredients.

Interest in cannabidiol products are expected to grow with the US market for minor cannabinoids expected to reach $26.2 billion by 2028, with a projected CAGR of 20.1% from 2021-2028, according to recent reports. Although regulations can make it a grey area to produce and market, especially in beauty, we’ve been exploring exciting opportunities in the space that do not have regulatory blockades.

Additionally, we’ve seen an increased focus on mental health with indie brands like SELFMADE focusing specifically on the intersection of beauty and mental health wellness, and discussions around how beauty products can boost your mood. Whether it’s due to the pandemic, global warming or a myriad of other issues in the world, brands are increasingly addressing mental health in various way to connect with consumers, especially Gen Z.

Key Ingredient

The skin microbiome is an ecosystem of bacteria on the skin's surface. It works to guard against pathogens that could affect your skin and overall health, plays a role in how your cells respond to UV light, and helps to heal wounds and control inflammation. The skin microbiota continuously captures elements from its surroundings, metabolizes them and generates a postbiotic mantle, rich in bioactive and neuroactive metabolites that can interact with skin epidermal cells and sensory neurons.

The Feeling Good Body Oil key ingredient is a cannabis stem cell (THC and CBD-Free) that works synergistically with skin microbiome to stimulate a nutrient enriched postbiotic that activates the brain’s pleasure areas. The commensal skin microbiota can detect and metabolize happiness related neurochemicals and is even able to stimulate the synthesis of those neurochemicals through the skin, specifically oxytocin. The microbiota-skin-brain connection can stimulate the skin microbiota to enhance the production of those neurochemicals of happiness by the skin to feel better and thus, look better.



In addition to ingredients, it’s important for beauty products to deliver a sensorial experience pleasing to consumers, while also choosing a format that best delivers the products benefits. Originating in K Beauty, jelly textured products are particularly popular with Gen Z for its ability to make skin care fun and playful, and overall delivering a positive sensorial experience to users of all ages.

Inspired by her appreciation of dry body oil, Jocelyn Yu, Innovation Chemist at Prime Matter Labs, developed the product in this format to improve on the typical dry oil experience. She shares, “I really like dry body oil, especially to add shine to the skin, but they are very messy so it’s not typically a great user experience. Instead, I found a natural, sugar-based ingredient to make it gel nicely into a jelly like texture.” The outcome is a more luxurious user experience that allows for ease in application without sacrificing results.

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