July 12th, 2022

Case Study: Partners in a Pinch

The Situation:

Supply chain disruptions from COVID lockdowns led to major delays for a sun care brand, making it likely that they would miss out on peak selling season if they were unable to find suitable bottles. The brand struggled to find packaging that was acceptable by FDA standards, as well as bottles with a specific type of plastic to ensure its stability.

What We Did:

Thanks to our close relationships with suppliers and foresight to maintain a stock of packaging, we had a supply of bottles that would meet the needs of the brand in time for them to hit shelves for the summer. We identified an opportunity based on the available stock and advised the brand on how to best take advantage of it.

The Results:

We were able to help the brand deliver a beloved product to consumers during its peak selling season. The brand went to market with the new packaging as a limited-edition product and was able to maintain its presence on shelves and top-line revenue. Because of our team's industry experience and supply chain agility, we were able to adapt and provide solutions and strategic advice on how to navigate the potential crisis.

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