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Why the Multitasking Beauty Trend is Here to Stay

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Multitasking beauty products are products that serve more than one function. Whether it’s a moisturizer with sun protection or a multi-use balm stick that also acts as a highlighter or blush, these are products that offer more to consumers: more functionality, more space and more savings.

The multifunctional product trend isn’t a new concept, but it is one that has become mainstream and growing in popularity with a recent Trendalytics report stating sales of hybrid products are on the rise, up by 24%. In the past, we’ve seen products like 2-in-1 Shampoos and Conditioners primarily marketed towards men with the assumption that they wanted to spend the minimum amount of time and effort on their routines. About ten years ago, we saw the rise of the BB or CC Cream, which can combine your moisturizer, foundation, skin care benefits and SPF into one product, and hinted at consumers’ desire for products with a multitude of benefits. Now, the beauty landscape looks quite different with a wide and growing range of multi-use products that have emerged due to consumer demand.


The 2020 COVID pandemic altered many aspects of our lives, including the types of products we consumed. Mintel analysts report that the pandemic accelerated the demand for hybrid products and gave them their current mainstream appeal. As the skin care category rose in popularity and sales during the pandemic, so did consumers’ desire to simplify their routines and prioritize personal time. The last decade saw the rise of K-Beauty and its multi-step, time consuming routines, but post-pandemic, consumers have evolved in their beauty behaviors to look for multi-function and multi-benefits instead, streamlining routines and choosing quality over quantity.

The pandemic also reinforced the importance of personal time for consumers, making them less likely to want to invest large portions of their time in laborious routines. We saw the beginnings of this in 2021 with the skinimalism trend. Additionally, the fluctuating state of the economy and inflation has pushed consumers to reprioritize what they look for in the products they purchase and opting for those that are both time and cost effective. Why buy two products when one will do?


Alongside the economy, consumers are increasingly conscious of how their purchasing behaviors impact the environment. A report from The Benchmarking Company states that “64% say sustainability is very important when considering the purchase of a beauty product.” From ingredients to packaging, consumers are looking for brands that cut down on waste and minimize their ecological footprint. This can be seen in trends like waterless products or related formats like sticks or multi-balms which Trendalytics notes as “a trending product category that grew by 192% since last year.”

Whether it’s ethical purchasing decisions that benefit the planet, cost-saving or time-saving, multifunctional products speak to the top-of-mind concerns of the modern consumer, offering them products that work harder and smarter while also reducing waste.

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