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The Benefits of Bag-on-Valve Aerosol Products in Beauty


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There is a noticeable trend among consumers who are becoming more cautious regarding the ingredients and packaging of beauty products and how those elements can help to prevent contamination or disruption in the quality of the product. You can see this trend reflected in the rise of spatulas included with skin care product jars or pots which are used to avoid product contamination, or even in the recent discussions about the role that preservatives play in preventing the degradation of a product. Thankfully, we have additional technologies that can help brands deliver safe and effective beauty products. One of these technologies is the bag-on-valve (BoV) system which offers improved product preservation, use of safe and environment-friendly propellants, and convenient application.

The Bag-on-Valve System

BoV is a one-way dispensing system that separates the product and propellant to dispense liquid and viscous products in a continuous stream or spray. Similar to traditional aerosol packaging, it allows for continuous and controlled dispensing of the product to targeted areas of the skin or hair.

The specialized aerosol system consists of a bag filled with the product placed within a canister or container, often made of aluminum. The propellant, which is usually compressed air or nitrogen, is contained in the space between the bag and the canister. When the valve is actuated, the propellant exerts pressure on the bag, causing the product to be forced out through the valve and sprayed in a fine mist or stream.


The Benefits of Bag-on-Valve

The Bag-on-Valve system provides a variety of benefits for both consumers and brands:

Multiple Product Formats: BoV can accommodate products in the form of liquids, lotions, creams, serums, gels, etc.

Convenience: With 360° spray-ability, a uniform and continuous spray can be used to easily apply product in sensitive or hard-to-reach areas.

Controlled Dispensing: BOV technology allows for precise and controlled dispensing of the product. The valve mechanism enables the user to release the desired amount of product without excessive exposure to air. This controlled dispensing helps minimize waste and maintains the integrity of the remaining product in the canister.

100% Product Completion: The system allows the product to be used up to 100%, leaving no residue. The flexible bag or pouch inside the BOV canister is specifically designed to collapse as the product is dispensed, which helps to minimize product residue and ensures that a significant portion of the product is expelled from the bag.

Product Integrity: BoV technology is very suitable for oxygen-sensitive and light-sensitive formulations because of the product is enclosed in a bag that separates it from propellants and minimizes its exposure to air, while the aluminum canister provides additional barrier protection from external contaminants.

Extended Shelf-life: The sealed and controlled environment provided by BOV technology reduces the risk of contamination during storage and use, while the aluminum canister provides a barrier that helps minimize oxidation, UV degradation, and the introduction of impurities that can compromise the product's stability and effectiveness. Active ingredients are protected, requiring fewer preservatives, and extending product shelf life.

Environmentally-Friendly: Many containers are fully recyclable resulting in less of an ecological footprint. The system also uses environmentally friendly propellants such as air or nitrogen instead of flammable gases.


Uses for Bag-on-Valve

The versatility of bag-on-valve technology allows it to accommodate a wide range of beauty products, offering benefits such as controlled dispensing and improved user experience. BoV is already used in the beauty industry across categories:

Skin Care: BoV can be utilized for a range of skin care products, such as lotions, creams, moisturizers, serums, facial mists and toners. The controlled dispensing provided by BOV ensures precise application and minimizes product wastage.

Sun Care: Sun care products, particularly those containing sensitive ingredients like those found in sunscreens, can benefit from the longer shelf life and airtight containment provided by BOV packaging. It also provides a continuous and even spray, which can help with application and coverage of sunscreen on the skin.

Hair Care: BoV can be employed for hair care items, including some styling mousses, leave-in conditioners, sprays and treatment products. The ability to dispense these products in a controlled manner helps achieve desired results while reducing overuse or product buildup.

Body Care: BoV is appropriate for personal hygiene items like deodorants, antiperspirants and body sprays. The efficient and hygienic dispensing of these products enhances user experience and reduces contamination risks.

Cosmetics: BoV can be utilized for various cosmetic products, such as foundations, primers, BB creams, tinted moisturizers or setting sprays. The precise dispensing capability of BOV helps achieve even coverage and reduces product waste.

Sun Care and Self-Tanning Products: BOV is especially useful for self-tanning sprays because it can provide a fine and even mist for a smooth and natural-looking application.

Prime Matter Labs and BoV

Prime Matter Labs is one of a few contract manufacturers that have a dedicated facility for standard bag-on-valve technology. Our talented R&D team is experienced in developing a range of innovative formulations across categories for the format. We also have automated high-speed filling lines with reliable safety systems that comply with all environmental standards, propellant charging protocols and regulatory requirements.

Work with our team to capture exactly what it's going to take to meet your consumers’ unique needs. Contact your Prime Matter Labs Project Manager or start your project here.

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